dlak-TM b ATZE-TM
SSN 517-50-4567
PO Box 83
Great Falls, Montana, United States of America
North America, Earth, & Ehlswar
90,001,037,526 + 08=06_19.0 LDT/20

USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
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Trademark Name

Concepts and ideas are.
Visually, people children were taught to copy letter symbols and number symbols. Children were taught to copy and learn the spelling of wuhrdz (words).

Children noticed names on breakfast cereal boxes, drawn fun. Trademark names, and copyright notices, references to patent technologies. Learning, forced to accept and forced to conformity.

Subsequently, money society, an individual needing money, internet and paying money. Participating, and E3MW-TM began as a place, a concept with intentions to produce movies, music, and communication sharing or selling.

One man named ATZE-TM b, at ages 70 years when this was composed, attending, learning and producing amongst a society at a world.

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