dlak-TM b ATZE-TM
SSN 517-50-4567
PO Box 83
Great Falls, Montana, United States of America
North America, Earth, & Ehlswar
90,001,037,523 + 03=24_06.8 LDT/20

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90,001,037,521 years deduced when composed (2013a.d.)


dlak-TM b ATZE-TM, Social Security Number 517-50-4567

PO Box 83, Great Falls, Montana, MT 59403-0083

ATZE-TM b, is a man people individual at ages 65 years when he composed this, a specific people type with gold russet khaki hair colors and pink skin colors.  Presumably he was an embryo, a fetus, a baby infant when young existant during the deduced years 90,001,037,456.

He was taken, thieved stolen abducted as a baby of 3 black hair pink skin people, at a cold snowy region of the world North America.  Civilization had produced progress with roads, buildings, towns, water pipes, gas pipes, electricity wires, telegraph, telephone, radio, television, books, publishing, letter symbols, number symbols language:

0123456789  10



Motors, metals, fuels, wheels with trucks, tractors, cars, boats and ships, trains, and air vehicles had been achieved.

He as a baby was accessed to an old small house with a fenced yard near railroad tracks.  Of memory he was put on a table to lay, and he rolled off onto the floor with a hard bump and pain crying.  Pillows were put on the table to keep him from rolling off again.  A nightmare dream visual presence of a big threatening different species individual invaded his sanctity, scaring him to awaken thankfully from the grips of fears crying pleadingly;
hell dream #1

The black hair pink people individual adult pretending femininity tried to get him to drink suck milk from a bottle with a black rubber nipple.  The feminine pretending black hair people type individual was not loving, not affectionate, and was not pretty.  The three black hair people individuals pooped into waters of a toilet, and the house rooms stunk deplorably.  They cooked and ate with atrocious smells wafting in the rooms.

The feminine pretending individual black hairs tried to force various concoctions into the infant’s mouth resulting with nausea rejections.  The infant pooped and pissed, and diapers were changed.  The house was kept tidy, neat and cleaning activity sounds as routines.  The infant survived and aged.  The appreciable aspects of a new baby quickly diminished to irksome chore tendings.  Fingernails and toenails were gruffly cut with scissors.  The feminine pretending black hair individual put spoonfuls of concoctions into its mouth and tried to force the concoctions into the baby’s mouth.  The feminine pretending individual put cotton swabs into its mouth and stuck the cotton swabs into the child’s ears resulting with painful bacteria infections, rashes and swelling puffiness discomforts.  Life existence was hell with that black hair individual.

The black hair male departed the house during the days, and returned during the late afternoons.  He stayed at the house during the nights, and departed in the mornings.  The other child black haired with yellow brown skin and brown color eyes was older and taller, alluding to girlish tendencies.  Considerations include society, sciences and population demographics changing altering boys as babies to female physiology surgically.  Inclusive was perhaps incentives to adopt a stranger child for governing sponsored tax deductions.  The feminine pretending black hair individual with brown color eyes shaved its legs, its armpits, and plucked hairs out of its face with tweezers.  The black hair pink skin male individual with blue color eyes perhaps did not suspect and agreed to adopt the children with social pressures of having a family with concepts of existing at a town amongst society.

The two feminine pretending individuals spent days at the house brushing and curling their hairs, and dying their black hairs blonde.  The black hair male subdivided the small basement into 4 sections, put wall paneling on the concrete walls, and built a steep stairs to conserve floor space.  The black hair girl pretending child selected the room with privacy and the gold hair child boy was put in the basement room with no privacy.  Dirty clothes were thrown down the stairs into his room; girdles, brassieres, panties and nylons littered the floor.  At breakfast, lunch and dinner calls beckoning, the gold hair male child climbed the steep stairs and lost balance falling twice with his head hitting the hard concrete floor.

The two black hair individuals began fighting loud disputes upstairs, with the black hair feminine pretending individual instigating the fight with complaints about lack of money, complaining about the old small house near the train tracks, and criticizing the black hair male regarding clothing, haircuts and needing shaves.  The black hair male reacted with departing the house to drink beer at a local bar.  He returned to the house with beer alcohol breath , the fight ensued, and angrily he descended the basement steps to frighten the boy who was pretending to be asleep hoping to avoid a confrontation.  The black hair male began smoking cigarettes.

Dinners were solemn at the kitchen table with stinks wafting around the house of potatoes burned on the stove, coffee, pea and corn seeds burned, pig fat bacon cooked, eggs burned, lard,and various parts of individuals killed, slaughtered and cooked.  Black hair pink skin visitors came to the house, were greeted with cheer and social chatter, and were shown the gold hair boy.  A black hair male laughed derisively, "Oh he has red hair."

The black hair feminine pretending individual at the bequest of the black hair male, cut the boy’s gold hair with scissors alluding to ineptitude.  The gold hair boy child obligingly did as told, stupidly dumbly.  He was not talked to, no special attention, not taught intellectually and was told to not touch, not talk.  He was slapped, spanked and yelled at with angers.  The black hair girl pretender child enjoyed the suffering of the gold hair boy.  The girl pretender began playing outdoors with neighboring black hair children, and the gold hair boy stood aside and watched.  The girls played hopskotch, jump rope, and jacks.  The black hair girl pretender picked up the small gold hair boy, turned him upside down, and dropped him headfirst onto the paved alley road.  
Death murder killing attempt #1.

The neighbor children played street baseball, and the gold hair boy requested to also play.  The black hair girl pretender acquiesced and told the gold hair boy to stand behind the batter to catch the ball when thrown.  The black hair girl pretender told the gold hair boy to stand close to the batter, and the girl pretender stood aside.  The pitcher threw the ball, and the batter swung the hardwood baseball bat, smashing the gold hair boy’s left cheek bone.  The children ran away, the gold hair boy cried out with pain and the black hair girl pretender evoked: "Don’t tell mom what happened.  Tell he threw the bat and it hit you".  
Death murder killing attempt #2

Plans were announced to car drive to a different region as a vacation to visit the black hair male’s presumed parents, the alluded godparents of the gold hair boy.  The gold hair boy had been taken to several churches with allusions references to God.    The churches stunk of old black hair people, their clothing, their perfume, and the sermons were boring.  The gold hair boy was taught to pray "..The Lord’s Prayer.. if I should die..".  The vacation was several days in the car with monotonous road noises, and the arrival was at a small rural town with old buildings.  Social chatter and greetings were exchanged, the children were introduced to the "grandmother", and the "grandfather" descended from the second floor to the main floor of the old house.  The gold hair boy was apprehensive, afraid amongst an imagination of references to the "godfather".  The old guy was tall, white haired, pink skin, not frightening, not affectionate, not relating.  An excursion to a farm, and more black hair people were introduced.  The children cooked popcorn seeds at a fireplace, and the adults conversed socially with gaiety.  The return to the rural small town was at night in the car with lamps glowing.  More relatives were introduced, and a girl was told to take the gold hair boy to show the school building she attended.  She was older and taller, and invited two neighboring black hair boys to accompany.  They also were older and taller.  The children plucked crabapples from a tree, and the gold hair boy was invited to eat one.  He responsed he was not supposed to eat one unless it had salt sprinkled on it.  The girl presented a salt packet from a purse she carried and the gold hair boy ate of the crabapple.  The children walked to the school building, and the gold hair boy was lost regarding directions of where they were.  The gold hair boy confidingly asked the black hair boy: "Who is God?" questioningly.

The black hair boy responsed while gesturing at a black dog on the school hillside,  "That’s god."

The gold hair boy responsed disputably: "That’s a dog."

The black hair boy laughed and shoved pushing the gold hair boy down the hill.  He, the gold hair boy, fell and rolled down the hill out of control, hitting his head on a rock, cutting his face and bleeding.  The two black hair boys ran away.  The girl told the gold hair boy: "Don’t tell he pushed you.  Tell that the dog knocked you down."

The two children returned to the house, the gold hair boy crying and bleeding.  The adults reacted with alarm asking what happened.

The vacation ended with the car drive return.  The small gold hair boy could not look out the window except to look at the sky.  He had a new scar on his face.

The neighboring children played hide and seek, tag, and kick the can games in the yard.  Night, darkness, dark shadows, a street lamp and children squeals playing with fears.  Laughter, fun, voices and physical running flushes.  Going into the house during a good summer evening, dinner smells, fun food and not fun food.  Sleep amongst clean bedding, awakening with sounds of a garden hose.  A small inflated wading pool of plastic vinyl, swimsuits and playing.  A morning waiting for the pool waters to be heated of the solars, tree shadows and light.  A warm afternoon, learning of having waters splashed into the face with retaliations of splashing waters similarily at the aggressor.  The black hair girl pretender whining loudly: "Mom, he’s splashing water at me."

The black hair feminine pretender angrily yelling, "Don’t splash water at her."

Learning betrayal, learning nastiness.  Learning to not trust.  Learning presumed confederacy allegiance of age similarities as of having no relevancy.  Being spanked with hurts and pains innocent of false contrived accusations.  An evil nasty cruel little black hair girl pretender.  Baths of waters and bubble bath soap, a naked boy and a naked girl body physiology in the same bathtub.  The wicked black hair girl pretender splashing soap into the gold hair boy’s eyes with painful irritations.  Cryings, unhappiness.

The black hair girl pretender going to school.  The gold hair boy stuck in the house all day with nothing to do.  Winter, cold and snow.  Nothing to look at, standing at the window watching white snow gusts becoming deeper on the ground.  Noticing curiously closed boxes, furniture with closed drawers.  A black box on the floor.  Looking at it, trying to learn how to open it to look at what is inside.

 "Don’t touch that."

 "What is it?"

 "It’s a typewriter, and don’t touch it again.  Get a washcloth and some soap, and clean your handprints off the doorway walls.  Stop touching the walls."

The girl returning from school with a drawing she had done.  Crayons and coloring books.  Scribbling.  "Don’t scribble on the walls!"  Slap.

A bus trip into town to go shopping.  Walking from store to store, walking in stores.  Small legs, small strides, trying to keep up with long adult legs.  "Hurry up!" complaints.  A grotesque repulsive old black hair white hair pink skin feminine pretender store clerk with garrish colors on its face: "Oh what a cute boy.  Is he for sale?"

Comprehending aghast, considering with horror of being sold to that monster.

Not finished.

A property work in progress from the author ATZE-TM b.

The authorized copy presenting via internet computors may be looked at and read silently.
Do not read aloud electronically amplified or vocally.
Do not use in schools as a teaching adjunct.
Do not use for amateur or professional aspirations.
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Do not enact, do not adapt to a stage or screenplay or movie, or comic book.
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To be continued.  Date:

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