Do Not Use Abusively.
July 27, 2018 a.d., a Friday, 05:26 a.m. MST.
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Individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years.

Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while presumptively wrong or while conditions are wrong.

Notes to myself, my brain scan.

There we were, 1984 a.d. thereabouts, and we were doing employed making electronique schematics, drafting size 5 big elaborate complex integrated circuits with transistors, resistors, capacitors and things. We were referencing papers under a table, and the female drafter dropped the table on our head. Remember? We subsequently had dizziness, vertigo, and went to the doctor. He suggested the CATSCAN brain scan.

The scanning device was big, white and pretty, a big circle with the patient laying on a table that was pulled into the center of the circle while computor electronique scanned the brain, and a brain semblance was presented on a cathode ray tube monitor display. Pretty neat sci fi stuff. You exist someplace, my brain scan. Me telephoned the doctor requesting a copy of my brain scan, but he refused. You, my brain scan, know of our life to then, and perhaps you have questions what happened to me after that. This is a brief explanation of what happened to this date of this composure.

We were at California, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and riding the motorcycle. We eventually went wind surfing, and had fun riding the waves. We felt physical invigorated, our legs and feet toned up and got in shape. We read HOLY BIBLE completely, and began to obey sabbaths. We stopped eating habits, and changed discerning. We began considering trying to farm religiously, and checked for a farm to buy. West Virginia was the only viable economic place to buy farms at a reasonable cost, and, no military bases.

An old guy made a false accusation, reacting angrily and had us put in jail. The charges serious, but were dropped. We departed California 1988 a.d., and moved to West Virginia. We bought 37 acres with $22,000. Again another old guy reacting angry made false allegations, and we were again put in jail. Additional people became involved, a conspiracy. Three of them had encroached and thieved land, big chunks of our farm fenced off or harvested. Again the charges were dropped, and we hit the road. We traveled to Oregon, worked labor, but black hair bosses don't work out. No money, no apartment, and 22 inches of cold snow we went south to California. Someone shot our car wheel with a rifle while we were sleeping in the car. We traveled around trying and vying for employ, but nothing left us poor, homeless, poverty down and out. We slept in the car, tried street musician and received $3 a day during 7 months. We were starving.

We went for an employ interview, and waiting for the call depleted us; we went to Hollywood. Yes, HOLLYWOOD, California, us. We tried show biz. That left us with nothing. We had some dlak-TM music recordings, pretty good stuff. But nothing happened, and no hope, we tried to go to Mexico. We returned to the U.S. We again went for an employ interview, but they wanted us to have a telephone to call us if interested. We were homeless on the road, and the absurdities ironies are perplexing. We departed California, tried Arizona and New Mexico. Went into Texa, and again tried Mexico. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We were employed masonry, but a blonde hair boss forced us to carry 3 heavy scaffolding planks until we dropped dead. We saw a big long tornado funnel as we departed Florida. We went to Washington, D.C. to copyright dlak-TM music.

We worked labor awhile. We were paid $800 a month; the boss was getting $30,000 a month.

The cities were abandoned, empty and dirty. We had heard "Apocalypse (or Armegeddon) in twenty years". We traveled around, returned to Texas, employed briefly labor. We were stranded destitute, and worked temporary labor. Two mexican black hair boys beat me to death with their fists. Two male niggers black hair half breeds tried killing me for $50 each. We returned to Montana. The two black hair jerks did their act again. We got aid, got an apartment. We tried music, and two black hair jerks really smashed me hard and severe. Black hair indians made false accusations and we were again put in jail. State employees are creeps and really hurt me with unneccesary medication.

The false charges were dropped after a year and a fourth wasting my life in jail. We were put into a hell apartment with niggers and indians. We moved to a hell house apartment. Twelve years with creeps and jerks. We finally bought a house. Remember when we were 15, and the younger boy gestured and told us "That's your home". That's what we bought with no options. It also is a hell house, stranger than hell. The town is dying. Ineptitude, fakes and pretenders. Sears store closed, Radio Shack closed, and Kmart (Big K) closed. The smelter closed and was torn down.

Society is going to hell. Low class scum are ruling. Police car tyranny, terrorism tactics. There are problems. Money salary inequities, the creeps scrambling trying to get what they can. False real estate values, media games. Judicial abuses, inept and fakes. Inept journalism reporters playing media games.

Stay tuned, my brain scan.



Copyright 2018 a.d. ATZE-TM b