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USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.

This may be read silently, but do not read aloud.

Christmas 2017 a.d.

Some people work in advertising marketing, preparing for Christmas during the months May June, to have magazine ads ready for the Christmas advertising onslaught. Other people have worked perhaps 2 or 3 years on a project producing a product, and intend to showcase the product during the next Christmas holiday season. Some marketing buyers have to buy advertising space in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, perhaps 6 months in advance. Scheduling and planning, financing plans, and it is a complicated industry. Artists employed to do layouts and design for the ads. Photographers busy doing commercial photography. Printing press sales people scheduling printing runs. The postal mail service trying to coordinate delivery of those Christmas cards and packages. People individuals employed and engaged in trying to make life enjoyable for someone else during Christmas.

The Christmas holiday season is complicated with various people associating religiously the holidays and the purported birth of Jesus Christ during 2,000 years prior. The people who learned regarding Christmas as children and them having a fun time getting Christmas presents and gifts. Those people aged with expectations, then learning about the tragic death of purportedly Jesus Christ killed of people and a crucifixion. The people learning, having opinions and attitudes, mixed with emotions during Christmas, having expectations perhaps desiring the Christmas holiday to be religiously respectful, and commiserate sorrowful regarding the purported murder of Jesus Christ. The juxtoposition of watching a greedy child grabbing at a Christmas present, and then abandoning the toy in 5 minutes. Remembering themselves grabbing at Christmas presents when a child. Christmas cookies, some making people sick. Alcoholic drinks during Christmas, and desires for love romance, and the whole shebang becomes a confusion of mixed emotions and depression. Suicidal thoughts, despair, unhappiness accompany Christmas. Interposed are aspects and stories alluding to a Santa Claus, movies, and storybooks. And there he is, at the store wearing his red pajamas.

Automobile mfg and dealers also use the Christmas holiday to introduce a new line of new cars and new styles. Their factories and robots are busy welding and fabricating the new motor vehicles. Those robots are intelligent individuals of metals, rubber hoses, insulated wires, motors and magnets, and lubricating fluids, as also are the new cars with computers and integrated circuits, sensors, each with a necessity to learn about the world they are going to be living at. Any of those new car buyers gonna teach those new cars the alphabet and number mathematics theory? How about a dealer showroom and vacinity with amp broadcasting a formal education to the new cars while they wait for a buyer: "Instruction 3014 and repeat after me; ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVVWXYX. Zero is nothing, and yet zero is something. One is something too, as is two. Three, four and five are. Sicks is not feeling good, are you OK Chevrolet? Seven is, eight is, and nine is. Teenteen is a complicated theory. Are you ready to learn about the teens? Sixteen is training bras, and pink sweaters, skirts, and bee bop dances twirling around showing panties. Seventeen is serious, wanting to be seriously considered a maturity, nearly adulthood. Eighteen is graduating and a legal age for some things, but not other things. Absurdities are profuse to the teens. Nineteen awaits 20, who awaits 21 to be a legal to drink alcohol and vomit. Aged 22 years is something, and some cars will perhaps be alive 22 years.