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January 8, 9:53 p.m. MST
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The concepts of this article may be considered, thought about, revised, modified, and enacted perhaps as a test model to eliminate any problems that perhaps occur.

There are problems confronting us; a world.

Regions and places with problems.

We suggest a resolve, a proposition, to end the problems and to proceed on a profitable and progressive venue.

1 = World geographic areas; a proposal that all areas geographically mapped be of the same size. A city 100 sq. miles, as examplified of Los Angeles, is almost too large to effectively govern. All the buildings, all the rooms, and the safety or the good use and good doings amongst all those rooms can not be guaranteed. Death, murders and killings, criminal activities as problems amongst those trying to attend responsibly to the world. Perhaps areas with a diameter of 50 miles is more appropriate. An individual trying to govern 1 sq. mile can not govern effectively, subsequently requires the cooperation of additional individuals. A tendency of some individuals is to be tyrannical, authoritarian, cruel and imposing penalties against those who do not conform or who do not act subserviant.

2 = Money as valuations of substances and places needs to be global, honest and true. Wages, as a consideration to be similar at all places of the world.

There is a problem of some groups getting huge chunks of money; big businesses and corporations. Executives and legislators. The expenditures of billions and trillions of money amounts, that is beyond the imagination comprehensions of individuals.

Amongst wages, perhaps each individual receiving the same amount. A problem of a big population of individuals ideologically identifying allegiant and subsequently pooling money or a money percentage for group goals, advantaging themselves while a small group of people therefore existant amongst poverty. Perhaps of people types, those with black hair receiving a budgeted money amount and subdivided for each individual, those with blonde hair receiving a similar group amount, and each blonde hair individual receiving a subdivided amount. Additional brown hair, white hair at birth, sandy hair, orange hair, khaki hair, gold hair, red hair, russet roan sable hair groups receiving similar money amounts, and each individual receiving a subdivided similar amount.

Babies and young individuals perhaps receiving the money via a trust fund availed when they become 50 years of age. If deaths, the money reverts to the general common world fund.

4 = There are different types of people. Perhaps individuals should be accessed to a group they desire to exist with, and the group of similars accepting the individual. Examplified are individuals who do not accept killing, and subsequently they existant at place perhaps exclusively for blonde hair pink skin individuals. The people who advocate killing perhaps quarantined at a place exclusively for them and their types. The necessity for security and safe protection of inhabitants is, as some people individuals or the group will try to escape and will try to invade other places.

5 = If these suggestions are tried, please inform ATZE-TM b of the projects and the results. If these suggestions function good, and the results good, then perhaps this could be tried at every place and amongst every group of people types. Inclusive are comprehensions of individuals not people who endeavor to make existences good, and they not paid any money. Horses and cattle who have contributed to people's lives, while not paid any money. Perhaps the lands should have access routes for individuals not people to migrate from coasts to opposite coasts, not threatened, safe and secure. Some of those individuals have been captured and tortured to conclusions to kill, and need education to not kill, and to not amass as a big population threatening others.

What has evolved on the world are special interest groups as a business or corporation, who have accumulated money, power, influence and advantaging themselves while subjecting others to a poverty, or fears worries. Realtor real estate, money banks, military, governing bosses bossy, franchise business ventures global, air and space dominating cartels, the police and sheriff, courts and jails threatening individuals. Presumably those individuals will not agree to any proposals, and will attempt to squelch progress. Advice is to not be violent, but to let progress and truths prevail, with times, and perhaps good conditions for all can be attained.

Email: atzetm@live.com

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