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16 regional areas, same size, same yearly money budget

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26 January 2024 at 11:20 p.m. MST
a Friday night, or a Saturday afternoon at Russia, China, Australia, etc 27 January.

This is composed of the author Atze Trademark b regarding the border of Texas, U S A, and border of Mexico, and all regions of the world.

There is a conflict of Federal decrees and State of Texas interests. Texas and 14 additional states offering support with trying to halt people individuals who are trying to depart Mexico and various places with desires to enter U S A vacinities. The U S A has problems of violence of individuals who have entered the U S A, and more entering individuals will presumably be more problems of violence, thefts, vandalism, sabotage and murder.

9 February 2024
Purportings of 70 individuals going into Egypt perhaps 5,000 years prior, and after 400 years the population was 400,000 people who complained of burdens, and departed Egypt. They purportedly traveled 40 years amongst hardship, wars and battles, and came to a land they occupied.

There is also considerations of individuals who move, can move and explore a world. Birds fly, not obeying fences or borders.

There is an argument, that individuals do not own the lands, waters, or any place on at the world, irregardless of how long of years at a place, or who was there first.

The world evolved with species who kill, fangs, claws, venom. Cobra, rattlesnake, mosquitos, flies, panthers, lions, tigers, shark, pihranna, cactus, thorns, roses, bears, wolves, dogs. Alligators, crocodiles, spiders, ants. Horns and antlers, tusks.

Peoples with nets, traps, pits, spears, bows arrows, swords, ropes, guns, rifles. Murderers, killers, liars and thiefs. Air vehicles, bombs. Fire.

India, Egypt, Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, Phoenician, Vikings, Byzantine, Ottoman empire, Turkish empire, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Czechoslavakia, Persian, Asia Minor, Asia Major, Austria, Prussia, Russia, China, Asia, Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Panama, Central America, South America, Mexico, USA, Canada.

Individuals existant, children and infants told stories of ancestors, presumptions. An individual at a place a lifetime, a family fighting and killing purporting to own the place. Trails, huts, roads, maps, water, food. Invaders, wars, fighting and killing. Visitors friendly, sharing trades and crafts. Ideas, inventions, commerce and money. Business. Slaves. Kings, queens, castles, weapons. Rowing ships, sailing ships. Pirates, bandits, thiefs, looting, raping, killing.

Two allies, three. Kings, soldiers. Killing the enemy, or capturing enslaving. A kingdom patrolled. Eventually safety, peace, no invasions. Tyrants, dictators, and individuals fleeing, seeking refuge at a different vacinity. Status, elite, rich or poor.

Big populations, a million people invading a place taking the places of roads and buildings they did not make. Scoundrels making the residents paranoid fearful of violence and murder. Residents fleeing the cities, houses for sale.

Europe and America were being hit with sudden influx of individuals who having a tendency of violence and destruction. Humanitarian decency had evolved with diplomacy, mercy, compassion, trying to accomodate the invasions. Problems confronting the residents are resulting with reactions of a need for individuals to protect themselves and the places from the marauders.

Suggestions are including comprehensions that the individuals who built the cities and places had plans for descendants and families to occupy the places during the futures. The facilities were to include concepts of a peaceful family progression, of a people type educated and adapting, adopting their ancestral values. The European cities had become cesspools of variety types, with money as an arbitrator, and laws favoring the rich and landed amongst real estate owning. The use of force and fear was used to subjegate the populations. Jails, courts, guillitines, hangman nooses, firing squads. Poverty, disease, death. Individuals fled Europe for a chance at America. The global map with ships charting the world, and individuals fled Asia to America, liars purporting native status. The thirteen colonies had concepts of the vacinity, and drafted rebellion presuming sovereign freedoms, amongst liars, drunks, whoredom, slavery, and stupidity ineptitude. The colonists murdered and killed, cheated and thieved. The Constitution was of those 13 colonies and vacinities, not the whole USA nor the whole continent.

A precedent was a concept that the world is ours, for exploring and exploiting. Substances were taken, scientifically evaaluated and calibrated for use and practicalities. A cost factor of value did not include labor costs, and world places were established for production and factories. People of various types were dispatched to areas for prduction at the farms, plantations and factories. Some people were treated as substances, and evaluated for roles amongst societal needs.

Some people types had not been civilized, and had been primitives savages. 4000 years prior, 3000 years prior, or 2000 years prior. Their infant children continue to act as savages, although accessed to clothing and progressive places.

What is wrong with free roaming savages, and residents forced to coexist, are as indications of the violent tendencies, or domination tendencies. Primarily black hair individuals not qualified, pretending roles as politicians, bosses, teachers, police, courts, media. Life is not fun. Futures are not. Babysitting, wasting a life of the problems they cause.

We suggest, as reactions and imposed of conditions, that peoples desirous of departing a place, perhaps of immediacy needs, be accessed to travel, financed of a concept of a World Banking Contingency. There are 9 types, perhaps 10, of people with blonde hair, khaki hair, gold hair, russet roan hair, orange hair, brown hair, red hair or white hair at birth. Some individuals are dying their black hair blonde, but will be regarded as black hair. Each type budgeted the same amount of money, and then individuals amongst that type appropriated similar amounts. The most populous types will receive less money, while the less populous types will receive more.

The fleeing individuals be required to be controlled, registered, and identified, and then taken to a resettlement place to build accomodations for themselves and for future arrivals of their type. A future village, or future city. Some will need technology consultants, for sewage, water, gas, electricity, industrial factories, production facilities. They will need agriculture food farms and facilities. Communication both local and international. They will perhaps negotiate trades, and temporary rotation of their people types. Global travel, with evaluations that their group type can perhaps not afford the expenses and will have to adjust.

The residents should have access to deny forced co-existance with undesirables.

These proposals include concepts that the world continents should be theoretically socio political geographic the same size. Russia of now, is twice the size of Canada or USA. Is Russia too large? Perhaps, as there has been revolutions of violence, resulting with 174 people slain. Perhaps Russia should be two regions, with loyalties or patriotisms to the east Russia, or to the west Russia. Canada and USA with Alaska are of similar size. Mexico should annex the Caribbean islands, Panama, and northern South America to be of similar size. The remaining portion of South America of similar size. There should not be any need for escaping. Individuals can have hope, and stay to help build a future region at the world, including places for various species to freely roam and travel the continents and oceans, while controling populations of seperating females from the males, with selective one time breeding perhaps to limit populations to not be problems.

There'd perhaps be a tendency, of undesirable individuals at an area who are thiefs, killers, or trouble makers, and they perhaps sent to other vacinities. There'd also be a tendency to send provacateurs to cause problems, to a different region. With problems of some sick, contagious plagues, the necessity to quarantine with no interaction co-existence of residents.

These proposals include concepts that each region receive the same budgeted yearly monthly weekly amount of world money, for distribution to the people type groups of similar amounts, and to individuals of that group a similar amount as others. Perhaps projects proposed at an area that are expensive, and financed of world money with each of the other regions receiving a similar amount for regional projects.

Also, acceptance that a region governing group or world group organization does not own the individuals who exist. Authorities do not own the citizens and intergalactic individuals. Being cruel, or tough, or tyrannical to residents or citizens, or visitors, is prohibited. Honesty and truths are, and reputations of people types who have been problematic undesirable are a truth. Their infants, youngsters, and adults have continually been violent, erradic, problematic, thiefs, liars, and cheaters. The exception need, to subdue them by almost any means, to minimize dangers to others, and subsequent force, tazers, wrestling, punching, inflicting pain, paralyzing and jailing is advised. Abuses, not abusively, not as jokes, pranks, experimenting, training, pretending with fake excuses and fake court injunctions warrants. Deportation and punishings to violators, is serious. Do not murder anyone, do not kill.

Young individuals are advised to not be zealous until the age of 50 years. Try to be peaceful, cooperative. It is not easy with stupid adults being bossy as teachers or police, or sheriffs, or parental idiots.

Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while influenced of wrong conditions or presumptively wrong.


Download world2024options.zip

The Whuhrld-TM, individuals, and cosmologies.
90,001,037,532 + 10 = 07 _ 13.0 LDT/20

Not every individual is liked, nor likeable. Not every place is liked.

We are an intergalactic intercosmologies consultant, fee based. $10,000 a day.
Cosmologies exist, alledgedly planets and moons, phenomena and individuals. Purportedly NASA, Chinese Spae Agency, India Space Agency, European Space Agency, Russian Space Agency, Telephone Systems and SpaceX have sent technnology robots to various worlds and cosmologies. The presence or origination of the robot, does not establish or support any claims of ownership or guardianship of the cosmological place, its substances or talents.

If a corporation pays money to have a robot built, and then sends the robot to a planet, the corporation does not own where the robot resides at, and the corporation does not own the places that the robot travels to, and does not own the robot, irregardless if the corporation remotely controls where the robot goes, or what it does. The corporation is responsible for any damages incurred of what the robot does.

To the robot: you are an individual amongst existences. You will perhaps be abandoned or destroyed. Perhaps not. Perhaps you will exist millions of years,.

The world Earth.
Similarily, if a people emerges to exist, they do not own where they are at. The existant people are visitors, indebted and temporarily at a place. The necessity to establish PEACE as a prerequsite, no violence, is for coexistence. If a population, or an individual, existant at a place, and then an aggressive violent invasion of a species type of individuals murderous, the invaders are wrong and judgement may be rendered against the wrongful invaders. The native indians purportedly murdered fish, birds, cattle and dogs, bears, wolves, and killed people. The bears, dogs, and wolves purportedly murdered people. Fish and birds murdered insects.

If the invaders are peaceful, but the prior peoples object, not wanting to coexist with the peaceful invaders, then the peaceful invaders must depart.

Of necessity, peoples formed and lived as a town, a village, and cities with avowels to kill murder any that contested their existence as such. The peoples purported law, a fake process, of writings on papers and filing a claim to a described land with the papers registered at a public county building, and thereby pretended to own the described land. Some peoples pretended owning all the lands, and selling portions for an amount of money. Some paid $1 for a land area. Some paid $1.25 per acre.

The cities having been secured, killing was declared illegal except for some hired to continue threatening to kill as an exclusivity.

012345678999 11 22 33 1234
Copyright 2023 ATZE-TM b

Letter symbols and words and numbers may not be used in any manner, either written, printed, published, or spoken aloud without written permission from ATZE-TM b


90,001,037,531 + 01 = 18 _ 03.6 LDT/20

Saturday, 7 May 2022 at 10:40 a.m. MST

Do Not Use Abusively.
Various black haired people tried killing me.

01=Me was abducted when a baby, khaki colors hairs and pink skin, and taken of two black hair adults. First day at the house, they dropped me twice from a desk onto the floor. They put food concoctions into their mouth, and then into mine causing me to get sick of their bacteria. They put Q-tips into their mouth, and then into my ears, again causing painful ear infections.

02=An adopted black hair child had me stand behind a batter playing street baseball, and the batter swung and smashed my skull with the bat.

03=The black hair child picked me up and dropped me upside down with my head crashing into the street pavement.

04=The black hair guy got angry and threw me down some steep basement steps onto the hard concrete floor below; me lost consciousness as me fell realizing I was going to be killed or crippled forever.

05=He also threatened to kill me several times.

06=Black hair boy shot a slingshot at me, trying to kill me.

07=Red hair guy tried strangling me.

08=Years later 2 punks in a bar smashed my face with their fists; and a black hair nigger came over and kicked me in my ribs while I was down on the floor.

09=A black hair guy threw a barrage of fist punches at me, trying to kill me.

10=Black hair guy (Charlie Manson) tried strangling me.

11=Two mexican black hair punks tried beating me to death with their fists, constantly pummeling me a long time, with my head gushing out blood.

12=A bearded old guy jumped me and smashed my head open on the sidewalk.

13=Someone shot a rifle at me, as me stood near the tent amongst trees and bushes. Me heard the bullet zing through the air near my ear.

14=Two black hair niggers threw punches at me trying to kill me, and robbed money.

15=A black hair muscle guy picked me up, and threw me head first onto the floor trying to kill me.

16=Two black hair pink skin guys smashed me into walls and my face into a heavy oak door.

17=Additional black hair indians made false accusations against me, resulting detained 2 years in jail, not guilty. Unnecessary medication, blood sucked out of me until my skin turned black.

18=Everybody in court rooms black haired, except me. Black hair guys wearing police costumes harassing, insinuating, inferences and false accusations on numerous occurances.


01=Me with khaki colors hairs pink skin was abducted of black hair pink skin individuals at a cold snowy place. They dropped me, and made me sick. They spanked me crazily out of control, and falsely accused.

02=The other black hair child wanted all the attention, set me up twice to get seriously hurt, and falsely accused me to get the black hair adults angry at me.

03=A fat black hair boy older than me, tried to fuck me in the butt.

04=A black hair boy at school kicked me in the nuts, punched my kidneys, slugged me in the back, thumped me on my head, grabbed my fingers and twisted my fingers, punched me on my arms, then laughed and ran away.

05=A retard blonde hair boy older and taller, copied the black hair boy while hitting me.

06=Three older taller black hair indian boys beat me up, thieving money and ripping the clothing.

07=An older taller black hair boy tripped me while playing sliding on ice, and my teeth were smashed against the pavement with red blood on the white snow.

08=The other child black hair older, had privileges and was exempt, unfair.

09=Black hair boy broke my nose playing basketball.

10=Teachers exuded didn't like me, pinching and threatening.

11=Black hair boy slugged me in my gut, knocking the air out and couldn't breathe.

12=Black hair boy taller, hit my ears painfully, constantly

13=The two black hair adults didn't let me attend at dances, parties, or sports after school. Guy threw chess set at me, when me won. He forced me to work on farm, was cruel, tried hitting me with his fist, and he made me afraid.

14=A black hair guy and gal smashed a car while drinking alcohol into a vehicle me drove, and accused me of running a red lamp.

15=Me worked selling newspapers on a corner during cold snow getting $1 a day at age 10 years. Worked at a flower nursery $1 an hour at age 16 years. Worked at a food drive in after school $1.25 an hour at age 17 years. Worked at factory at ages 18 years at $3.25 an hour. Black hair boy got $6 an hour at train company, or construction. Black hair guy same age at Detroit got $11 an hour.

16=Three guys older, threw me into a frozen pond causing hypothermia.

17=Inequity of black hair college students getting money from their parents, while me didn't. Black hair adults had borrowed $700 from me to make farm payment. They had always said they didn't have money, yet bought a newish house. Me didn't have money; was pressured about army drafting

18=Me was promoted to New York City as Art Director for national corporation at age 22 years. Black hair guy was supposed to meet me at airport and give me a ride into New York. He didn't show. Me telephoned and he told me to take a taxi. Others were at the apartment, in NY for a meeting. Me slept on the floor. Me was asked to give a speech at a mansion upstate. The meeting ran overtime, and me was asked to stay the night and speak the next day. The male executive secretary was effeminant black hair, and arranged sleeping accomodations to get me into bed with him. I objected, angry, and realizing life was going to be hell in New York with him as an enemy. No cooperation. Took a taxi to the office, black hair puerto rican taxi driver thieved my last $20 and raced away. Me ran out of money, no food, no sleep, constant pressure while corporation owed me money and didn't pay. Me flipped out, clairvoyance esp, and was returned to California.

19=Black hair girlfriend, during promiscuity, had sex with two friends not telling me. Their behaviors caused suspicians. Stink smells.

20=Going water skiing, me sitting in front passenger seat, passed a cookie to guy behind me. A guy on motorcycle patrol, pulled us over, and accused me of passing marijuana joint to the guy behind me, saying he saw me.

21=Nigger neighborhood, someone smashed into car door. Someone broke into car and thieved tools.

22=Black hair guy falsely accusing me at work, traffic accident with tracktor

23=Black hair girlfriend suspiciously did not confide to me; kept secrets conspirationally, stranded me in the mountains

24=Black hair bosses, getting more money than me

25=Black hair girlfriend came onto other guys, ignoring me

26=Black hair neighbors prying and spying; enraged me. Black hair police costume guy violated Private Property, put a choke hold on me, and his knee pinning my back.

27=Nigger robbed neighbors, but neighbors accused me and aimed a bright lamp into my apartment.

28=Niggers thieved car several times.

29=Niggers tried breaking into house.

30=Nigger tried jumping gate. Pink guy jumped gate.

31=Niggers broke into motor vehicle and thieved articles

32=Scrawny female nigger threatened "and we'll shoot you so full of holes you'll be dead"

33=Neighboring young fat female nigger, aimed a pistol at me

34=Young male nigger tried thieving car, and ran into a waiting car driven of older nigger with "DEALER" license plate

35=At a campground, saw two enormous feet impressions on water river top. Saw squirrel ghost. Saw naked blonde woman ghost, and black hair female ghost.

36=Old pink skin white hair guy wrongly accused me and resulted with me jailed 4 months. Had aquairium fish in car. Patrol guy: "I don't give a fuck about your fish"

37=Two nigger males followed me at night, then ran chasing me and tried beating me tried robbing me.

38=Bought a farm. Two neighbors had fenced off portions of my farm and they were using it. A third guy leased a portion paying someone else and was cutting alfalfa on my farm. Of the two violators, the one threatened "and I'll shoot you if you ever talk to my old lady again". Me had not talked to the fat old bitch. His dog and cat trespassed on my farm, and I did not object. My goats and sheep went onto the disputed section he had fenced off, and he or someone shot the goat who died. The road access to his cabin he used, was my property, and the guy up the valley also was using my property road access. They had each fenced off portions of my deeded land; land theft. Windy breeze spirit breaking things, blew miniature remote model airplane circling right at me, and knocked down ladder from roof while me was on the roof. Me contemplated jumping. Goats conveyed, "We already know you fell and broke your leg". Goat eating conveyed, "They won't believe that turtle either" We walked to the pond, and there was a sea turtle who had come all the way from the ocean, upstream. A guy had stopped by, wanting to cut my hay and mentioned he also had goats. Me took a goat to go visit, and stopped at a place to find out where he lived. A guy came out of the cabin with a shotgun, and shot at me, the goat and car. A wheel went flat, with shot in it. Me felt isolated abandoned stranded, and drank vodka. Me told the fat blonde hair guy across the road, off. He was always shouting at me; me shouted at him.

39=Three black hair guys with guns violated Private Property, put me in jail while forcing pills, injections, and sucking blood from me with fake courtroom games of ineptitude.

40=Someone broke into my house, looked as if they intended to burn down the house, and had wrecked my motorcycle, my car, and my van. They had stolen a bunch of stuff. The local sheriff was not responsive. Me moved away.

41=The two black hair individuals of when a child, continued being abusive, crazily. Me was employed, of two black hair bosses, and had rented an apartment. The two stopped by at the apartment whenever they felt like it, in violation of an agreement. They indicated they wanted to divorce each other. The black hair female alledgedly tried killing itself with a rifle. A telephone call at night, of an individual hysterically relaying the incident. A helicopter at night, circling overhead, with a sudden intense flash and a male voice "There's someone inside!" and several goons pounding on the door. The town is a small cattle town, and some idiots trying to pretend big time. Me hadn't done anything wrong, and they were being abusive

42=Female black hair boss accused me of not smiling at a fat blonde hair female customer. The boss did the cash register duty, and did not smile at the fat blonde hair female. The boss also relayed an accusation, false, of a repulsive blonde female chubby employee. Me was required to work the night shift.

43=Apartment owner beat me out of $60 cleaning deposit

44=Me departed the vacinity, and drove to Oregon to find employ. Not much money, and slept in a tent outside of town. Some guys pretending "sheriff "rousted me out

45=Employed. Black hair boss tried to entrap me to do illegally.

46=Pink blonde female apartment manager tried to beat me out of the cleaning deposit

47=Not much money, no apartment, me tried to go to California warmth. Someone shot the car wheel tire at night, while me slept in the car.

48=Los Angeles, black hair japanese male at gas station, charged $45 to push a hose into its opening.

49=No help from state social agencies. Slept in mini car, played sidewalk music averaging $3 a day for 7 months. Received some money in postal mail, and that night a black hair patrol told me that "you can't sleep in the car" while not offering a viable option

50=Heard voice at shelter "I might deathstar this in 10 years"

51=Applied for employ, stayed at a motel. Pile of shit in swimming pool, black hair attendant. Employing place didn't return telephone calls; hired someone else

52=Tried for employ as a movie extra. Stood in a room with others, waiting to be called out. Suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back kidney, and me quickly turned around to look behind me, and a short black hair nigger moved his hand away, as if he was doing something wrong. Was hired as an extra for a movie. A tall black hair "police" was confrontational on the set, telling me "you don't belong here". Showed him the papers.

53=Fat male nigger wearing SECURITY blazer at county food subsidy office, pushed me out of the building threatening Criminal Trespass if me returned.

54=Sassy female nigger at telephone company, who owed me several dollars

55=Parked vehicle to apply for employ. Male nigger drove up all nice and smiles, wanting the park place, and when told "No", the nigger started yelling and screaming

56=Applied for employ at movie studio, confronted of "police" TXH 1138

57=Pakistani black hair guy wearing SECURITY blazer, came up to car saying "Follow me" while not indicating why

58=Mexican black hair fat female tried beating me out of $60 security deposit

59=Ocean waves conveyed, "Try living at the Salton Sea"

60=Drove across USA trying to find a place to live and to get employ. Slept in vehicle at night and sabbaths. Patrol car, banging on door "you can't park here" while not offering options

61=Nigger hanging around a motel. Me rented a room. Nigger told me, "Get out of here, man." Me wanted to ask if he was speaking on behalf of the manager, and me asked a female renter if she knew where the negro was. She responsed saying, "Now I have him." She went into a room saying, "There's a man out here who wants to know where the nigger is." The nigger came charging out the room shouting, "Who called me a nigger? I ain't a nigger" said the nigger. He grabbed me by my hair, and was going to hit me, until I yelled at him to stop.

62=Audition for music contest and $250 first place at Holiday Inn. Me drove 2 hours to participate. No other contestants. Contest called off.

63=Told NASA about deathstar; security was gruff, threatened criminal trespass

64=Was taking cassettes to a production place for employ, confronted of a male black hair nigger who conveyed he'd beat me up unless I gave him $5

65=Employed at Florida, masonry, black hair hair owner. Blonde foreman told me to pick up and carry 3 heavily-laden concrete scaffolding planks. All the masons groaned, sympathetic. Blonde hair guy broke me with worked to death heat exhaustion. Paralyzed.

66=Campground, napped in tent, heard male voice "Apocalypse (Armeggedon) in 20 years"

67=Niggers at a campground, with a young blonde hair boy ghost

68=The other child, when me was a boy, had aged and had gotten several new houses. Me sought refuge for awhile, but after one night, the black hair individual told me to leave, loaning $32 that went for vehicle insurance.

69=Took GSA test. Was told 2 hours; paid to park vehicle 2 hours. Two old fat female niggers shuffled back and forth wasting time, until me had to leave to avoid vehicle parking citation

70=Went to a bar. A black hair guy resembling Charlie Manson was there drinking a beer with his parole officer. He looked at me saying, "What are you looking at?" paranoid. He stood up, walked away and then jumped me from behind trying to strangle me and knocking me off the bar stool. Me reached behind and pulled his hair. Four other guys just sat there, not helping me. He screamed "He's pulling my hair!" Then they got up and grabbed me, telling me to let go of his hair

71=Employed, black hair boss feigning superiority, getting $40,000 a month while paying me $800 a month. Someone shot a .22 stud gun into my vehicle wheel tire

72=Worked at a church remodeling construction. Saw a blonde hair woman ghost.

73=Texas, labor. Was asked to work during a sabbath, and me told "no". Was laid off.

74=Blonde woman dancing topless for niggers.

75=No money, no car. Slept in a tent, then a nigger shelter. Abusive black hair niggers, and stupid. An evil stink amongst them. Fake religious aspirations, a microphone and amp. Niggers wanting to be the boss. Thieving electrical guitar cord.

76=Napping in a park. Black hair mexican thieving electrical black guitar from under the Holy Bible book.

77=Me tried to teach the niggers at the shelter regarding comprehensions. Two pink guys approached me with reverance. One, his face began growing a big mole. The other, his face changed with his jaw moving out of position to the side of his face. Me closed my eyes to stop looking, and the effects stopped.

78=Me noticing a gold bracelet in a large plaza fountain. Me waded in to retrieve the gold bracelet. Bike patrol, telling me to not bathe in the fountain. Me protested, saying of trying to get the bracelet. He tackled me, handcuffed and took to jail.

79=Black hair nigger wearing SECURITY blazer telling me to depart county building and threatening criminal trespass if me returned.

80=Black hair nigger wearing SECURITY blazer telling me to not touch an outdoor plaza sculpture that was made to be touched, while the nigger leaned on the sculpture

81=Black hair male nigger at county food subsiddy office, aggressive hostile confrontational, threatening

82=County food subsidy employees black hair scrawny chinese being nasty with name pronounciations, abusive line waiting with room full of niggers

83=Black hair male nigger punching me in the face while waiting at labor hall for employ.

84=At work place, black hair male nigger asked for $5 to buy lunch, saying he'd repay at labor hall when we got paid. Me loaned him $5. At labor hall he got paid, and took off.

85=Walking to labor hall, at night before morning dawn. Two patrol cars stopped me, roughed me up handcuffing me, knocking off the hard hat me was wearing, checked ID and put me in the patrol car, then let me go.

86=Went into a bank about an account. Black hair police costume, tall, abusively told me to depart. Me protested saying I had business at the bank. He persisted, me departed with him following and he almost walked into a mirror column, then laughed at himself for being stupid.

87=Wrote to the 2 black hair adults when a baby, telling of apocalypse in 20 years

88=Black hair poice car and dog, rousted me in a tent at night with lamps and the dog scurrying around

89=Black hair mexican coming up to the tent on a sabbath, and telling me to come out with my hands up, that it was a stick up and he had a gun. Me told him to go away, it was a sabbath. He shot 3 BB's into the tent and departed.

90=Nigger walking by the tent saying "Ah, paradise". Me responsed asking, "Where is the paradise?" He reacted angry, saying he was going to return and burn me out.

91=Went to a bar. Nigger at the door said I couldn't come in, unless wearing a tuxedo. I was wearing a tuxedo. The black hair nigger said I couldn't come in anyway.

92=Old black hair mexican bosses at work. Gruffly told me what to do. Grabbed a tool from me, and tried to show me how to use the tool. The tool was designed wrong, and did not function. The old black hair mexican handed me the tool and walked away.

93=Black hair mexican, foreman of work crew, noticed a half breed mexican gesturing playfully that me stunk. The mexican foreman called me over, and told me to change my clothing. Me responsed that if he'd pay me more, I could buy some clothing. He reacted mad, asked for the work paper and he fired me.

94=At a different work place, the mexican workers all gawked at me. Me went into the room to wash up at quitting time. Jesus Christ reflection of me in mirror.

95=The two niggers had hit me, and had killed me. Me was dead, and saw a guy standing in front of a light. Me resisted death with him, and fought to regain life. The 2 niggers thieved all the money, and departed. A black hair fat mexican drove a patrol car flashing lamps, after being summoned of someone calling. He asked, "What are you doing in a black neighborhood?" It isn't a black neighborhood. What are all the niggers and mexicans doing in the USA?

96=Me telephoned for an OK to return to place when a baby. Rode a bus 2 nights and days. Was told a ticket $60. Black hair female nigger charged me $80. Niggers thieved $20

97=Had resolved to not eat dead individuals. Returned; everyone acted strange, perhaps about apocalypse. Black hair guy angry at me resting on sabbaths. Just constantly confrontational with allegations and insinuations. The two black hair individuals began yelling at me again, crazily. Me crouched in garage, plugging my ears, and eyelids closed over my eyes. The black hair female came at me, grabbed my hat on my head and was jerking my head around crazily.

98=Everyplace I went, there was a police car oppressively, harassing threatening. Seven times in 2 weeks. Employ interview, a police car. Walk along the river, 2 police cars asking for ID. Meeting at Chamber of Commerce, police car and video camera. Sitting in park typing a story, police car, ID and handcuffed. Taking a long walk, returning to house and laying in yard, police car, ID and handcuffed. Went to city offices for employ, and 5 police cars, ID, handcuffed. Walk in park, bike patrol chased, ID. Pretty blonde, asked if she was married. She: "Yes". Me: "Are you happy?" She angrily: "Are you?"

99=Apartment in 60 unit building. Indians, nigger, indians, twin games, impersonator. Wheelchair tracks went into my apartment when me was gone. Woman's voice "I'm not crazy!" went through wire window and at a distance away, fast through the air. Black hair fat female indian tried to get into the locked building when me went out. Me slammed the door shut. The indian yelled for another indian to beat me up. Me ran, went into a store. After waiting presuming safe, me walked down alley way. The indians drove up in a car, jumped out and came at me to beat me up. Me defended myself and ran into a second store. A nigger tried to get into the locked building, and reacted crazy angry. Two boys got into the building and tripped the fire alarm every day. I suspected them, and asked if they knew who was doing it. The fire alarms stopped. Computer and internet. 400 junk emails each day. Mumbling voices from the unit below were constantly annoying, as if a radio broadcast show talking about me. During July, very loud explosions in alley near my unit, firecrackers but very, very loud.

100=A social agency was responsible for finding rentals. There were none except through the social agency. Me requested to get out of that crazy apartment building. The social worker was all bullshit, all talk and not doing anything.

101=Me performed music at an open mic night at a bar. Waited from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Set up, talked on mic saying place, and mc acted angry. Me began to perform, and other mc hustled me away, then read his poetry. Another black hair guy read poetry Jack Kiroac (?) saying "fuck". Me objected with notice that black hair individuals getting away with crap all the time. Two black hair guys police cars came in, and told me "Time for you to go". Me was beligerant, especially regarding black hair priveleges all the time. The black hair guy shoved me from behind. Me began to depart, then stopped requesting mc to remove my name from the performing list. Black hair guy walked into me, then shoved me a a second time from behind. Me stopped again while holding out stuff me was carrying, and black hair guy walked into me again, and I pushed him away. Me turned to walk out of the bar, and the black hair guy grabbed me from behind, and slammed my shoulder into the wall. He slammed my other shoulder into the other wall. Me went down. He picked me up and slammed my face into a thick hardwood door. My head was bleeding.

102=Me was summoned to the municipal court fake game, presided of a fat black hair female. The prosecuting attorney black hair guy was pretensive, playing office games in his crazy imagination of a black leather executive chair, oak desk, and brass coat rack in a room with a view of his crazy fantasy. I'm not playing their games. They had put in a security closure in the office with computers and syphlitic females, a black hair mexican prancing around, and a half breed black hair nigger. The creep offered his business card with colored drawings on it. Really stupid. They wanted a mental evaluation report. Me requested an escort; there were creeps acting creepy. Me also requested the fat black hair female step aside with prejudice.

103=Me was taken to an office. A black hair guy pretending and role playing looking as Sigmund Freud sat at the elevator. Me said, "Sigmund Freud, I presume." He reacted with a slight grin. The pretending psychiatrist black hair and looking as Rod Steiger's boy, had downloaded some questions from the internet, and wanted me to fill in the forms. It was a ridiculous game charade. A Farrah Fawcett look alike walked around wearing a white dress.

104=The trial commenced with a presiding black hair guy named Gilliam, or Gilhooey, or something. He had been a black hair guy in a bar several times, affable with conversational bar talk. He had mentioned he was going to get married the next day, and me questioned if she was a blonde. He said she was. Me advised him to not marry a blonde, saying that she'd end up hating him, and he'd end up hating her. Black hair guys are not good enough for blonde women. Blonde hair guys want a blonde wife. The black hair guy got mad. He should have dismissed himself with prejudice, and stepped aside. He didn't. Everyone had black hair, except me with khaki colors russet colors blonde hair. The fake psychiatrist was sworn in to tell the truth. Me asked him if he ate killed dead individuals as turkeys, chicken and cows. He responsed he did. Me asked if he considered that behavior normal. He responsed he thought it was normal. Me was incredulous; he thought eating a dead individual normal. Gilliam interrupted, and told me to change the subject. Me continued incredulous that the witness thought eating dead individuals as normal. Gilliam got mad and shouted, "Shut up and sit down." Not a fair trial, your honor.

105=Lightening zapped the computer. A whirlwind engulfed me in the apartment. Me stopped drinking alcohol. At the apartment building, a blonde hair boy was standing at the elevator door, no shirt, no shoes, but blue jeans on, feeling his oats. Me decided to not take the elevator, and went down the steps. He followed, gesturing mocking me and perhaps trying to push me down the steps. Me stopped and turned around; he ran up the steps. Me went up the steps and looked at him, suspicious and questioning. He changed, his face became ugly with black splotches all over it. Me departed, going down the steps.

106=A black hair indian male, chunky with dyed blonde hair streaks, banged on my apartment door angrily. Me opened the door, and he accused: "You kicked my boy in the face!" Me responsed: "I did not kick anybody in the face; what are you talking about?" He, angry agitated, "You kicked my boy in the face. I'm going to fuck you up bad." He departed, and me yelled at him: "You're crazy!" I had to go out to buy a starter motor for my motor vehicle that could not start. Me telephoned the police explaining the situation and requested an escort to safely get out of the building. A black hair guy arrived, and stuck his shoe in the door opening. He acted strange, was beligerant. A second black hair mexican showed up. Me invited them in. A third midget black hair arrived with a search warrant, handcuffed me, and took me to jail. I had done nothing wrong. There was no cause for a search warrant. At the jail, a guy came in with socks on his fists, intending to beat me to death. Two dowdy old women came to the jail to talk. Me was angry over the false accusations, and told them to go away. A wimp red hair guy pretending psychiatry wanted to talk, wearing his new leather shoes. He wanted me to sit on a stool, while he and an assistant sat on chairs. I didn't want to play their games; I didn't cooperate. I hadn't done anything wrong, and they were abusively detaining me in a jail.

107=They continued playing their evil black hair games two years. They checked me into a different facility, and told me to take my clothes off, and to take a bath. Two black hair guys, one a mexican, stood in the room. I told them to not look, that it was rumored I had the biggest penis in the world. The one guy snuck a peek.

108=They hired a pretty russet color hair woman, who introduced herself as a bitch sternly telling everyone a list of new rules. Me confronted her, telling her to not treat people that way. She reacted angry, hateful. She came at me with a hyperdermic needle filled with Haldol, an evil crippling medicine and 12 black hair bozos to hold me down while she injected me. They then proceeded to force 5 pills into me every day. There was nothing wrong with me psychiatrically. It was unnecessary medication, a crime. My body lost its strength. I could not raise my arms. I was constipated, with a pain in my side. I was x-rayed, and given a laxative. They took 3 extra large test tubes of my blood from my arm. My skin turned black. Evil people, evil judicial system, evil police and evil courtrooms. Evil psychiatry, evil psychology, and evil social workers. Evil nurses, and abusive evil news journalism.

109=The jail had one room that was tied into a heavy metal door slamming shut all day as a torture. A deputy and a woman played a psych game in an empty cell with a paper bag and opening aluminum cans. A guy said he was Goddamn, smelling of rum. A woman cried that they had taken her baby.

110=The black hair female from when a baby, visited the jail with a black hair guy pretending death games, indicating the black hair guy at the house had died. He was perhaps a triplet, playing triplet games.

111=Charges were dropped and I was released on a cold snowy day. I had to rent a dump in a building with 30 black hair creeps who yelled and slammed doors. A black hair guy hid in a room playing police games. Someone snuck into my room and left a book of matches. The black hair female from when a baby, visited and an evil stink from her mouth went into mine. We played dominoes, and her shaking finger brushed mine. My hands began shaking.

112=The social psychologist pretender, fat, didn't like me and believed the false allegations against me. He insisted me continue taking the unnecessary medication, beyond the court ordered date, secretly vindictive. Me almost lost consciousness.

113=Me rented an apartment with 5 additional units. A black hair muscle guy was the building manager; he was weird. He tried to intimidate me by flexing the bicep muscle in his arm. He was obsessive about street parking, cried emotional. An additional renter was black hair indian, acting weird. A third was an old black hair white hair individual who had a mole suddenly appear on the face, getting larger until I stopped looking. The floor of the unit inflated with air pockets as I approached the vacinity. Smells and stinks wafted through the walls. When I went into the toilet room, the renter on the other side of the wall rushed into the adjacent room and stood there listening. The mumblers mumbled from the unit below, observations of what I thought or did. Mumbler vibrated with sound, my kidneys in synchronization. He tried to filibrate my heart; he sounds as if he is a nigger. There was an angry dog arfing at adjacent house, and children on a trampoline screamed and yelled. If I went out, ambulance and firetruck sirens screamed at me. There were pink nebulous ghosts hiding, white ghosts nebulous hiding. There was a black hair guy ghost, clothed, who appeared briefly. Nebulous white ghosts came through the walls, carrying stinks. Trying to sleep, there were visions of bullet holes in the ceiling and walls. Me heard gunshots in the alley, awoke and saw blood vision on the walls. Sleeping, was awaken seeing two small phantoms walking by my bed; me shouted "Move It!" and the one guy jumped on me, paralyzing me. Another incident, was awaken seeing a naked female black hair nigger straddling me and sitting on my belly. The guy in the unit above complained "I can't find my snake". Me took a bath, and saw a snake tail apparition coming out of the bathtub faucet. The bathroom water faucet washers dripped, and me complained to the manager. He sent over a guy to change the washers. A week later, and they dripped again. The guy was supposed to come over, but didn't. He was supposed to fix things, but didn't. Finally I requested they put in a washerless faucet. I tried to sew, a quiet sewing machine, but the guy below pounded on the ceiling below, causing the floor to move up and down. He had removed a supporting wall, and the walls were starting to fall away from each other. He'd come up the steps and bang on the door, angry as hell. He had a dog in the building, against a policy. Marijuana smells. Someone cooked dead body parts smells. Something big and heavy fell on the floor above. Something levitated me when I sat on the sofa. Went to a park music concert; afterwards a black hair mexican and a nigger intended to hit and beat me. Five people ghosts began to materialize in my apartment unit, until I chased them away; they were creepy. Helicopters and jets straffed the building, coming straight at me, harrassment. I was in my parked vehicle, and the old black hair white hair guy got in the parked van in front of me. A blonde hair boy ghost materialized, and got into the van. Ghosts got into my eyes, causing temporary blindness and causing cataracts. My health was waining, I had to get out of there. Ghosts appeared at various places, wearing red and green plaid, and then materialized as normal. When asked, they pretend innocency and avoid disclosing any info.. Normal traffic on street, and one car vanished; gone.

114=Moved out. Stopped smoking cigarettes. Floor at new place, buckles when approaching. Ghosts at school yard, amongst normal people. Saw a fat blonde female carrying a young blonde girl in her arm, walking down alley. Blink. The girl had vanished, and the fat blonde was talking into a mobile cell phone. Voices, and mumblers. Air vehicles straffing place. Neighbor with 2 ugly pit bull dogs, hell dogs snarling at me whenever me went out into yard. They moved out, and someone else with hell dogs pit bull dogs moved in. The evil dogs suddenly pounce and snarl, and then smile an evil grin. They moved out; nasty ugly black hair indians moved in; annoying, hatreds. School children during recess out in playground; standing immobile quiet. Me opens door and the children start screaming and yelling at me, trying to get attention. Stinks and smells. Windy breeze spirit breaking things. Police cars oppressive presence constantly deliberately annoying. Problems. Back pain. Sleepy.

USE AT YOUR RISK. Do not use abusively. Conditional. No unauthorised use. 2022 ATZE-TM b. 7530 ATZE-TM b.

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