Do Not Use Abusively

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This is a binding legal use conditions Terms Of Service between you, the fictional reader of these words and letter symbols, and we, these words and letter symbols as an alphabet of communication use. This is intentioned to communicate use condtions of these explicit E3MW Trademark presentings. Do not make derivatives, nor modify, and their influence effects not used to enact additional legal derivative uses. These words are not to be spoken aloud of a reader people individual; these words may be read silently in a mind. These words may be electronically amplified aloud translated of an electronic device individual, but not amplified loudly abusively.

1 = The user agrees to be bound to contractual obligations with usage of these presentings.

2 = The user is bound to not use these presentings abusively.

3 = The user comprehends that use of these presentings is at the user's risk. Any attempt of purporting to be illiterate not comprehending these words is not valid, and is not an excuse. An example is an individual blind perhaps, or retarded imbecilic, or not educated to read comprehend these types of letter symbols and words.

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