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Camera Film or Video Usages

For ease of argument, some individuals try to restrict the usage of visual or sound recording.

A camera is made, and sold to be used of an individual. Other individuals enjoy trying to subvert others, by imposing conditions against them and what they do. Perhaps one individual agrees to abide by restrictions. By precedent those restrictions are presented to additional individuals, and more agree perhaps to abide by restrictions of use. Those restrictions become a law, then police enforce those restrictions and courts rule favoring those restrictions. The populations then insist those restrictions as conditions of use. The police then add more restrictions, and the people lose their access. The police and courts make exceptions for themselves, and do not abide by those restrictions.

We object to limits and restrictions against free expression life living doing and access to do be existant. If we have a camera that can record visuals and sounds, and if a rock or sky is spectacular for retaining with a camera, we are going to use the camera while not asking the rock or sky for permission. If we notice two black niggers trying to kill a pink individual, we are not going to ask those two black niggers for their written authorization to video them, and we are not going to ask the train company for their written authorization if railroad tracks are visible in the video.

People have gained and profited from access to view photographs, movies and videos, plus gained from sound recordings.

There is and are objections, of camera perhaps used of obnoxious individuals, including obnoxious police.


Copyright 2020 ATZE-TM b.
Conclusively, North America and South America have problems of black hair individuals with beastial hatreds, envy, jealousy, violence angers, conspiracies and collusions. As with presented evacuations of places alledging corona virus pandemics, we suggest all black hair individuals removed from North America, and South America, and all places designated as abandoned not owned except for those owned places of other hair color peoples.

3D Maps Obj

USE AT YOUR RISK. Do not use abusively. Copyright 2020 ATZE-TM b.
Dedeucing, maps evolved to be of use as people explored more places. Some kept maps secret, lest enemies discover the whereabouts of places. Some shared maps at schools, with hopes and faith. A bunch of people worked hard to walk through scrub brush measuring, or risking their lives to get an accurate map. The world map ball became. People and air vehicles continued on the map projects. Photography and cameras became used. There was not the concept Copyright then, and those accessed could use the maps.

LANDSAT space satellite built of USA NASA public monies began photographing the world, and the arduous work of assembling the photographs to get a concise idea of world places was accomplished with military paid with public monies. The concept Copyright emerged with various map producers conveying conditions regarding use of the published maps. Their use of language wordings were ambiguous, confusing not coherant as examplified " part of this may be copied by any means including photography, fax,.."

Google Inc. became a name of an internet group of people who purportedly bought the youtube company who had emerged to be a video repository, member based. Google, Inc. alledgedly was super rich with monies, building a computer building with all the best of technologies. Maps of towns included options to pan the vacinity photographically of an address, quite amazing. We saw a Google car with a 360 degree camera on the roof, in town on the public streets. It causes questions regarding privacy and ownership.

Me when a child was told of Copyright that the producer did not want others to copy their work, except for initial use looking reading listening and perhaps copying as with maps tracing and scale measuring. Me received several cameras when a child, and there were no limitations on their use. Photograph anything anywhere. Some people objected being photographed, fat, ugly, or claiming to own their visual sound presence. Movie actors paid money for visual, intellectual, and sound representations. The concept of PHOTO RELEASE emerged, getting a signature, perhaps paying money compensation. Location objections also as city film advisory panels wanted money if city places were used in a movie.

People during times equivicate life conditions and conclude philosophically to favor themselves, to advantage themselves, and to be evil against others. People make laws and rules, and impose those comprehensions conveyed of those laws and rule against other people.

Life became complicated. People were jerks, everywhere. Fun ceased. It was not fun to have a camera, or to make a movie, or to have a microphone, or a telephone. Stores, banks and govt rooms had cameras and microphones hidden secretly. Not civil, not polite, not posting notice and not getting written signatures of those people being recorded. A concept of us and the hell to you. Citizens were trampled upon. If a citizen recorded them, they'd refuse permission.

There are public places. Highways, parks, the ocean and permits or a license are not required for camera use with an individual, and perhaps selling the video, including if others are visible at the public place. Public parades, public concerts. There is inherant an individual objecting to being photographed at any place. There are also the jerks who try to terrorize everyone with saying a permit is required. An amateur or individual with professional aspirations and impulsive, sporadic are a free flowing process not pre planned. Riots and public news interests should not be impaired by regulating those with cameras or requiring them to have permits.

People individuals are individuals, amongst a money society with some organized to favor themselves with laws and rules, and more money than others get. We people individuals have an inherant endowment to protect ourselves, to deny those pretending authoritarian officialdom roles, although as advice the risk of violence or jailed is to be cautious. The big groups who have been getting big chunks of money a long time, their fake court games, their fake police sheriff games, but their real jails. We individuals should be organized, should be honest, and should be getting sufficiently similar amounts. Amongst individuals are the eccentricities and disputes. An individual with a camera wants to photograph freely, honestly what is. A disputing individual not wanting to be photographed, is a dispute. The photographer should be allowed to be, and the disputer as with everything of life. Inequity, not fair, disputes and angers. The power crazy authority presumption individual is not the arbitrator nor decidor.

Google, Inc. purportedly used LANDSAT and NASA photogrphs to make aerial maps, that were then enhanced with perhaps Google financed conventional air vehicles photographing with more detail close ups of the world. The Google car showed street level views, again Google financed. Alledgedly Google acquired 3D computer software SketchUp, and theoretically someone could take a place mapped and make a 3D representation of it with the photograph textures and colorings. Purportedly Google stopped that 3D function and posted notice to not make any 3D semblances from Google Earth, Google Studio or Google Maps.

Me, an individual reacting, objects to NASA taking photographs of the world while not paying me nor getting my signature. Me objects reactively to Google, also. Me objects to the train company taking tree lumber and rocks while not paying me, and then the train company declares the lands privately owned of the train company not paying me. It is my world. The substances and places are mine. The money inequities result with a conclusion no place is owned. Everyplace is illegally taken and used, including cities, concepts county or state, or national are illegal.

To comprehend, an individual fictionally at the world before laws, before others. The individual has a camera and can photo video anything everything. Then comes a group of 15 with children telling the individual what the individual can or can not do. Laws and rules. The condition is absurd, the 15 other people are absurd. Go away.

Me had wanted to use the computer software to make a 3D object of world places, to use, to perhaps sell. We await for Google to change their policy. The 3D objects useful for analysis and planning, compared to the happenstance planned communities of multiple participators and specialists making hell places all over the world.


Copyright 2020 ATZE-TM b.
To elaborate absurdities, fictionally. Two land continents existed. A million years prior individuals hammered and dynamited the lands, took the trees and rocks, shaped the coastlines and departed with the loot.

Metals and wood chairs, wagons and houses. Vikings, Phoenicians, Byzantine, Scandinavian, Celts, Kelts, Nordics. A million years later, the other continent was rediscovered, and ships departed to explore. Word quickly traveled across land, and another ship departed to get there first on the other side of the continent. The inhabitants of that ship purported to be native originals of the continent. The other ship arrived, with word rhetoric of the land owned of the king and reverance unto God. The lands were mapped, and an acre was valued at $10. The captain was paid $1000 a year, and bought 100 acres. The lieutenant was paid $500 a year, and bought 50 acres. The sargeant was paid $200 a year, and bought 20 acres. The sailors were paid $100 a year, and each bought 10 acres.

A govt was established with words of patriotism and laws favoring the protection of private ownership, public areas, and jail to any violations. The laws favored the continuation of the captain getting more than the sailors.The captain was elected to be the first governor.

ABSURD. The sailors accepted that condition, and agreed to establish the laws and rules accepting those conditions. The sailors had less money, and less land. That is really stupid. The whole gig is illegal, and their fake governing is illegal. The fake national federal is illegal, criminal, the states, counties and towns are not legal. Their laws, courts, police and sheriffs are not legal.

They do have a system favoring some with riches and advantages. They do attend to a bunch, responsibly. They have plans. The inequities of money, some paid less, should stop.

Exploring 2

Fiction. Thousands of years of liars, conspiracies, murders, and schemes resulted with 6,000,000,000 black hair people, 10,000 blondes, 5,000 brown hair people, 1000 khaki hair people, 500 red hair people, and 300 white hair people at birth. Each group type were given $6,000,000,000 a day. A black hair individual received $1 a day. A blonde received $600,000 a day. Brown hair individual received $1,200,000 a day. Khaki hair individuals received $6,000,000 a day. Red hair individuals received $12,000,000 a day. White hair at birth individuals received $20,000,000 a day. It is fair, and it isn't. If each received the same amount, the black hair individuals having more money as a group investing on themselves and the discrepencies continue.

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