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NARYAX a semblance

NARYAX a semblance

NARYA a semblance at phase 4

NARYA a semblance at phase 3

NARYA a semblance at phase 2


7,527 years Byzantine calendar COMING SOON.

Moon full new round previous night, when this was composed.

We expected summer, but snow on the ground, cold air. Someone expressed snow at Nice, France two days as unusual. A new year, the first day, and hopes for a good year, but the problems still are, attending and chores still are. There is a difference, of times, the world and solars, the lunars, and a number in use each day for a year. The previous year had 358 days and nights.

There are different calendars, different dates. February 28, 2018 a.d., Wednesday. Different groups with their different calendars. Solar calendars, galaxial cosmology calendars. The universe, and eternal time, perpetual, forever. Times, space, cosmology and billions of years forever. We conclude this when composed is the 12th month, year 7526 Byzantine, an adjusting, two 12 months this year until we get the calendar and months stabilized.