HELL 1024

Me, not you, nor him the child, nor her the child, nor them. Me. Life, with memories, bad memories of bad times and bad people. Bad children, hitting me. Pain. Death considerations. A life with no hope. Cold places, extremely cold. A treacherous ocean of waters trying to drown me. A mud hole, trying to kill me. Mosquitos, flies, and ants. Evil adult people being cruel, being evil against me. Poverty. Me a minority of a people extinct, with khaki colors hairs, brown, beige. Theoretical a governing pretensive people individuals with attitude and posturing pretendings of superiority authoritarian; a hired goon standing in the corner wanting to pounce on me and wanting to hit kill me. Him waiting for an excuse, practising the false police report he'd turn in conveying he thought he saw a gun. Liars, cheaters, scum and thiefs. Hell world. No place to escape to. Look at what is happening, everybody is miserable except for those who enjoy being evil. The futures are these times, and these times are not good. Some people are rich, having cheated. The contractor builder of a 32 room jail costing $32 million dollars. Each convict a millionaire. The old guy architect bragging, expecting praise from an evil judicial police system that evolved to be wrong, evil. Teachers who were cruel, unsympathetic, uncaring. Ugly people having ugly children, and their ugly daughters. Okay, lets talk about the good of an society: technology and labors.

Good roads, good highways, good streets. Thanks. Highway to hell, hell towns, hell police waiting up ahead. ID, and papers. Get on the ground with your hands behind your back.
Good technologies; cameras, video, software and computors. Thanks. Used abusively of people individuals presuming a role, performing an evil game. You have 10 days to pay me, or else.

Perhaps we should have gone to hell 1025. What are you in here for? What did you do wrong? I'm sorry, the hour is up. Pay me and we'll talk again, perhaps.