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Young individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years.
Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while presumptively wrong, or influenced of wrong conditions.

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Copyright 2019 a.d. ATZE-TM b
November 18, 2019 a.d. or 90,001,037,528 years dedeuced of parameters for considerations plus months 09 and 08 days / nights of 30 days / nights per month of 12 months per year.

There are varieties of people types, some who endeavor goodly, while others endeavor trying to ensnare. A third type does what they can do, and a fourth type does what they presume they are forced to do while complying to a fictional presumption that has been educated into their empty heads. A fifth type is religious, to a fictional God, and to perceived paranormal phenomena. A sixth type are sick, consumed with preoccupations regarding their health and dying concerns. A seventh type are angry, regarding societal wrongs, inequities, dispairities, poverty money inequities, and societal impositions against them. An eighth type simply does what they are forced to do, afraid and paranoid of evil people. A ninth type are engaged trying to stop the inequities, trying to stop the evil people who have been scheming 2000 years. A tenteen type try to live in their fantasies. An eleventeen type are the evil people, organised and playing pretend roles as authoritarian, or the super rich, political affiliations and police, sheriffs, state or federal employees, judges and lawyers; militarists and media game players.

A judge paid more money than the population, more than citizens, and a portion of the citizens accept their poverty and accept the societal condition of some paid more. The judicial system is corrupt and evil.

The judicial system is used to threaten intimidate people with jails and fake trials. Perhaps judges, lawyers and attornies, and juries should not be paid monies. Voluntarily, not paid. The concepts of some people individuals of a society, of thieving or violently murdering, and captured jailed to stop the threats to the society of people individuals. The police, sheriffs, lawyers and judges are threats to the society of people individuals. Jail the judges, the police, the sheriffs, and the lawyers. The society will still have problems of drunks, and thiefs, of murdering and killings. A militia perhaps to capture the thiefs and murderers who get jailed. People paid to work at the jails, and a group to assure decent conditions at the jails. An innocent individual at a jail, and a trial to determine innocency, not with aggressive bossy cruel evil people. An individual given plenty of time to express the grievances to those deciding. Those deciding given time to communicate; an interchange of talk. A conclusion, the innocent freed. The guilty continued jailed, perhaps with chores assigned, but decency with comprehensions society life is and has not been equitable, nor good.

Copyright 2019 a.d. ATZE-TM b
There are, there is, problems. The world, with various individuals coexistant.
There were previous times, with cooperations of the various species engaged on a mutual benefit common project. Peace, safety, security. Sleep, rest, sabbaths with appreciations and thankfulness. Goal accomplished, and then problems, disputes, angers, violence and threats.

A family, noticing a different species family. Blonde hair vs black hair.
A family with disputes. People individuals. The concept of governing a land area; maps. People individuals volunteering to be The Governor, The Boss. Concepts of voting, electing and appointing. Hiring. Money. Police, soldiers, a judge, a jury. The gallows, the hangman noose, the firing squad, the psychiatrist pretender, the pills, the medication injections, the gas chamber. The evil people cruel, wicked, vindictive, conspiracies; the government governwoment. The autocracy, the dictatorship, the kingdom queendom, the democracy, the commune. The border patrol.

The American Government does not exist.
Some people individuals are playing, are pretending, and they are posturing themselves pretending authoritarian official roles as if THEY are the American Government. They put a sign on a door post, perhaps "FEDERAL OFFICE OF THE UNDERSECRETARY" and they hire 3 goons to protect themselves if questioned or threatened while they threaten intimidate and pretend roles. They put a cloth flag up. They and their goons are not The American Government. They summon the POLICE, who are not the American Government. They put a protester in a jail with Sheriff Deputies who are not the American Government. The Protester is taken to a fake court trial and room occupied of a fake pretender posturing themself as the judge, who is not the American Government. The cloth flag is not The American Government. The Postal Service president Trump is not the american government, irregardless how many flags they erect. Perhaps the Postal Service, Bugs Bunny Warner Bros., and Hallmark cards are the american government. $300 penalty for private use, threats. The Private corporation postal service guilty for using the fake envelope penalty threat games. Perhaps Trump took a Leave of Absence, or perhaps the american government infiltrated the private corporation postal service, and FedEx. Game players. Pretending enforced with tyranny, violence, anger and game playing.

That game is used at various places of the world. A world traveler as an American citizen tourist, goes places with language foreign, with alphanumeric symbols not english, and of peoples speaking gibberish. It gets weary after awhile. The tourist notices the flag at a building, notices the sign at the door, and thankfully, goes into the room with the 3 thugs looking accusatory intimidating questioning. A seated 4th individual asks "May I help you?"

"Oh good, you speak english," says the tourist thankfully.

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No Unauthorized Use.
Copyright 2019 a.d. ATZE-TM b

Do Not Use Abusively.
90,001,037,528 + 05 = 20 _ 01.0 LDT/20


Me, and this.
You, a fictional individual.

Real people are. Individuals and groups. Tree individuals, rock individuals, waters and water individuals. Bird individuals. Bugs. Land individuals.

Places are, having been built. Industry was, resources and convertings. Products and future goals. Management systems, financing and advertising. Entertainment, amusement, frivolity. Government, photographs, film and movies, radio and television. Transportation, trains and planes. Ships and a world. Airports worldwide.

Peoples became sophisticated, presuming access and world access. Money, travel, hotels and Christianity. Business, market stores, clerks and employees.

Jails, tortures, tyranny, attitude, violence, judicial tyranny.
=================================================================================== Businesses bankruptcy. Real estate speculation, inflation, escalation. Cities bankrupt. Banks bankrupt. Stock exchange bankrupt. Train and car companies bankrupt. Airlines bankrupt. Market stores bankrupt.


A viable alternative, a concept, an option is needed.
Societies using money, and the inequities of some paid more, and a bunch getting less. To be equitable, each people individual of a group type getting the same amount, and each group type getting the same amount.

Group types:
1=Black hair
2=Blonde hair
3=Brown hair
4=Reddish brown hair
5=Red hair
6=Orange hair
7=White hair at birth, pink skin, not including half breed mixes


Monday Night Hell 24
Try #2

A place, money, everybody of people paid the same.
Some people fast, produce more, but paid the same, a day's wage or a night's wage (both the same). Nobody richer, nobody poorer.

Work, leniency, humour, fun, males and females having fun while working producing or attendings. Happy, a good life appreciable.

Not possible; idiots and their idiot babies of times recent doing stupidly fouling places with sabotage. Example rivers cleared with no alligators, and then an idiot buys an alligator and puts it in the river.


Fictional Exploring
Copyright 2019 a.d. ATZE-TM b

A world, God, places and times. Fictionally a place, a region specific of the world. Fictional peoples arriving, exploring, noticing and being at the place. Fictional birds arriving, bugs, beasts and plants growing. A waterfall from a mountain high up and away. The explorers climbing up to the waterfall; a good smell fragrance of waters, mists, splashes and spatterings. The airs cool, the sky with clouds. Dark clouds, foreboding, threatening an angry storm. The fictional people explorers descending the mountain top.

Safely down below, huts are built, a trail, a road, a main street. Thatch huts, broadleaf roofs. The water creek nearby, a river. Birds amused, talking. A distance, and a migrating ape herd explores the river and notices the people town. The people gesture friendliness, extending an invitation to the visitors. The apes extend an invitation to the people visitors. The apes settle down across the river.

Boys build a raft, playing on the river. The boys go across the river and watch the apes. The apes annoyed, chase the boys away. The boys afraid, run, jump on the raft and float downstream. The raft and waters eventually rest, calm, and the boys depart on the side of the river where the village is, uphill. The boys begin a 2 day hike return to the village.

People at the village had seen the boys approaching the apes. The people had seen the apes chase the boys away. The elders deliberate, and build rafts to invade and chase the apes away. The apes flee, angry at the people.

Years elapse. The village prospers. Trade and goodwill, sharing thrive. Comparings, thoughts, inequities and business with money evolves. Production of commodities, products and items. A factory with paid employees, not paid much, but some. Forgeries of money, and a govt. emerges with strict penalties against any who make unauthorized coins. Not a good village anymore.

Problems began. Problems are. A spirit, not visible, causing problems occurances. Poltergeist.

An individual doing, then thinking, intelligence; inequities not fair. A conclusion to stop doing until the inequities cease. A concept that all do, and all paid the same: a day's work, a day's pay. Some work harder, accomplish more; wanting more money and wanting to be paid more. No! They quit work. Not paid. Inequities, the others rich. The govt collects taxes; a proportion of monies received.

visitors arrive
A ship, an air vehicle, a motorcycle or a truck. A military tank, a jeep. Guns, knives; penises.

An electrical generator is brought out. A pump is put in the river. Pipes. A garden. A refrigerated ice cold soft drink machine. Different money, different coins, to use and get an ice cold drink. The villagers begin working for the military, to get the foreign coins and an ice cold drink. Girls look at the soldiers and fuck for an ice cold drink. The boys get angry at the soldiers, and the boys start an army. The war begins; killing, crippling, liars and thiefs. The military surrenders and retreats. Bastard babies are born.

A muck thing emerges from the swamp. It abducts a baby, and when the baby ages to puberty adolescence young adulthood, the muck thing fucks the young adult who is somewhat stupid, having lived in the swamp that long. It knows some things, to not walk in the muck when alligators are around, and to hide when mosquitos are out. It ain't stupid. It learns, observes and thinks. It is stupid; it doesn't know a bunch. The swamp thing takes it to the village, and the people chase it away. It and the swamp thing has babies. They, the babies, age, and invade the village with killing and looting thieving.

The peoples escape, find the military soldiers and request aid. The soldiers capture mutant half people, teach them to drive police cars, harvest, and to work in factories. The half people hate the people, killing and looting thieving, and cheating. The rules and laws become cheated. The half people become teachers, TV reporters and become the govt, making life hell for everyone. Anonymous corporations hire the half things, and life is hell. Hell to you.

HELL 1024
or HELL 1025
or HELL 1026
or HELL 1027 or
LINE 33 IF A=0 THEN 35
34 END
35 END