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USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
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Young individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years.
Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while presumptively wrong, or influenced of wrong conditions.

No Unauthorized Use.
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Do Not Use Abusively.
90,001,037,528 + 05 = 20 _ 01.0 LDT/20


Me, and this.
You, a fictional individual.

Real people are. Individuals and groups. Tree individuals, rock individuals, waters and water individuals. Bird individuals. Bugs. Land individuals.

Places are, having been built. Industry was, resources and convertings. Products and future goals. Management systems, financing and advertising. Entertainment, amusement, frivolity. Government, photographs, film and movies, radio and television. Transportation, trains and planes. Ships and a world. Airports worldwide.

Peoples became sophisticated, presuming access and world access. Money, travel, hotels and Christianity. Business, market stores, clerks and employees.

Jails, tortures, tyranny, attitude, violence, judicial tyranny.
=================================================================================== Businesses bankruptcy. Real estate speculation, inflation, escalation. Cities bankrupt. Banks bankrupt. Stock exchange bankrupt. Train and car companies bankrupt. Airlines bankrupt. Market stores bankrupt.


A viable alternative, a concept, an option is needed.
Societies using money, and the inequities of some paid more, and a bunch getting less. To be equitable, each people individual of a group type getting the same amount, and each group type getting the same amount.

Group types:
1=Black hair
2=Blonde hair
3=Brown hair
4=Reddish brown hair
5=Red hair
6=Orange hair
7=White hair at birth, pink skin, not including half breed mixes


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90,560,007,528 + 05 = 10 _ 06.7 LDT/20 existences & nothing
10,560,007,528 years earth plus 05 months and 10 days/nights at 06.6 LDT/20



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